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Velvet Rose with Sally Mae Saratoga & Sedona

Velvet Rose and Sally

Velvet Rose & Sedona

My first horse was a 20 plus year-old palomino Quarter Horse I named Belle Star. Star was a beautiful gold color with a sway back. She was too short for my long legs. But to me, she was the most beautiful horse in the world. My husband’s horse, Sunny, was very scared and spooked at everything so this meant that on the trail Star and I were put up front and put in situations that made me learn fast. Star had a spirit and fire about her that made her a good combination of teacher, a fun friend, and most of all, she led the way for my love of horses. I had Star for almost a year before she had to be put down. The day she was put down was to be our first parade together. Many years later, I have a strand of Star’s tail in my saddle bags so that Star rides every parade with me. I would
not be the rider I am today without the Love of Star.

I was blessed to have found my true soul mate with my gray Quarter Horse, named Princess Sally Mae Saratoga. Her registered name is Allen's Barbie Doll. Sally is now 27  years old. The love and trust that Sally and I have is what every cowgirl wishes to have. Sally has gotten herself hurt so that I would not be injured on several occasions. Someone once told me what it is that is so special about Sally: she is a kindred old spirit. Other horses seem to be drawn to her. One of my favorite memories is not about riding, but about looking in the barn and seeing Sally sharing her dinner with about 10 bunnies. She had done parades for years before I ever bought her, and she has had police training, mounted patrol work, as well as taking part in memorial gun salutes. Sally has done it all, but she still has a fire and spirit that keeps me on my toes. She is beautiful on the inside and out.

Sedona Marie a 14 -year-old PMU Belgian Draft Mare. PMU horses are used to collect urine that is used as a hormone replacement in humans called Premarin. To collect, a mare must be pregnant but often the resulting offspring are sent to slaughter. Sedona was saved from this fate. This horse has my heart of devotion, adventures and training. If a horse can do it, we have! From cow sorting, gymkhana, trick training, drill routines, obstacle challenges, mounted shooting, clinics, trails and parades. We have overcome a lot! We will continue to achieve more of our goals together as we keep up our adventures.

I adore being a part of  this club that started with a dream. I am proud of being a founding member and Co -President of this club. It has been an amazing experience full of firsts, memories and friendships.  It all  started with a passion and a love for horses. My love of the Era and fun with costuming has lead me to winning 1st place in just about every costume contest throughout California. I was so honored to have won Best All-Around Costumer in 2012 at a  National Contest in Las Vegas.