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Tillie Rose, Carriage Rider

Before joining the Victorian Roses Ladies Riding Society in 2014, I had ridden only a few horses in my life and they belonged to other people. In 2009, I became a horse owner and I have been learning about the equine ever since.  I started with one and now I have 3. 
Isabella, my first mare is a 16 year old Bay Quarter Horse. She may not be appropriate for parades and events for some time. At least until I can get her to know the meaning of the word “slow”.  She suffered a severe head injury in 2011 and we were not sure what her future would hold for her so we bought another horse, a paint Quarter Horse named Cookie. She is going to be my parade horse. Shortly after she was purchased, she was bred to a black Arabian Stallion. The owner of the stallion was hoping for a black colt. Well, the product of that breeding was neither black nor male. My Chestnut filly was foaled in 2013. She was named Josey and she is my prospective driving horse.
I was invited to join by a friend of mine I had known since high school and it has been great!  I have met so many wonderful people after joining. I am a carriage rider at this time but my goal is to ride Cookie. And, with the guidance of my Rose sisters, I plan on learning to drive horses.

Tillie Rose