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Rosita Rose with Harley, Lily & Mariposa

rosita rose and harley

rosita rose and lilly


I have loved horses forever! I used to draw horse heads before I ever saw one in person. My first "horse" was a donkey that I got when I was 10 years old. At 11, I got my first horse. At 15, I trained my first horse, it was a Morgan-Arab. I didn't get on a horse for over 25 years while I was raising a family. Then the love for horses took over again - I got a red Appaloosa.
When he retired, I got my first Peruvian Paso. I've been in love with Peruvian Pasos since!

Harley was a palomino Peruvian Paso cross born in 1994. She passed away in 2014 from a tragic accident. Harley was a good all-around, do-everything type of horse. My husband rode her all around the Sierra Nevada Mountains where she crossed water and tackled all types of terrain. She was known to carry cowboys as they "robbed" stage coaches in performances and also performed with the Victorian Roses in events such as the Night of the Horse. She was a kind soul and is missed every day.

Lilibet was born in 2007. She was a beautiful black Fell Pony, the same breed the Queen of England has. She was lost in a tragic accident with her pal Harley in 2014. Lily was just starting her life but did anything asked of her, whether it was parades or crossing a mountain river in a National Park. She looked just like a mini Fresian and she was a spectator favorite. She had a big heart and we miss her every day.

FF Mariposa is a palomino Peruvian Paso mare, born in 2004. She is still in her first year of parades and performances with the Victorian Roses and is doing brilliantly! Her name means butterfly in Spanish. She is truly elegant and smooth under saddle and does everything asked of her willingly. Mariposa is such a fun horse!

rosita rose and mariposa