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Margarita Rose with Sierra de Angelina & Cefiro de Fenix

margarita rose and sierra

margarita rose & Cefiro

"When you are blessed to have horses, you are blessed enough." I have been lucky enough to have horses my entire life. Before I could walk, I was in the saddle.

I started training horses over 15 years ago when I purchased Angelina, a 7 year old untrained Peruvian Paso mare. It is a pleasure and very rewarding to train my own small herd and am frequently complimented on my well-behaved horses. I believe firmly in the all-around horse and challenge my horses to do whatever I throw at them be it parades, endurance riding, exhibition/drille, showing, cow work or pleasure riding. I love being a part of a re-enactment club because I love the costumes and the history. My passion has turned to horse rescue and I now also own 3 other rescue horses: two Peruvians (monther & son) and a pony!

In 2016 and 2017 I won National titles for sidesaddle riding. Two of my Peruvians have also won National titles for High Point Parade/Exhibition Horse.

Sierra is an 16 year old bay Peruvian Paso mare with a ton of Spanish black hair and just as much flair. She is only 13.3 hands tall (but in personality she is much, much bigger). In 2008, Sierra was the recipient of the NAPHA High Point Parade Horse award. That means in her registry, she was the best parade horse in the country! Sierra has a very high step and is the bright red Ferrari that I have always dreamed of. I owned her mother, Angelina, and was there the day she was born... even carried her into the barn! She is currently being trained to drive a cart (because why not? lol)

Sierra's uncle, Cefiro is a 23 year old, 14.2 h, chestnut Peruvian Paso gelding with a beautiful, thick frosted mane and tail. For the first 12 years of his life he led a very quiet life, living with his mother. After she passed at the age of 32, he came to live in San Diego with his sister and neice. His life changed very dramatically into a mountain trail horse, drill exhibition horse and a parade star. In 2017 he also won the NAPHA High Point Parade & Exhibition Horse award.