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Josie Rose with Ceana & Ty Murray

Josie Rose on Ceana

josie rose on ty murray

Growing up on a Ranch you were “voluntold” to work not only your animals on the ranch but also the ones that your parents take in “for a friend”, and why not, they had 5 farm hands that were reliable caretakers.  This is when the love for horses began.  Before getting my own horse the attempt to ride the neighbors Shetland Ponies was made, yes, attempt, not often successful so a sand pit was built next to the stables as a “dumping pit” to fall into when the ponies ran back to the barn and exited you from their back.  

Next “a friend” asked if my Dad could take care of and teach some manners to their unruly Welsh pony named Tonka and a beautiful, lightning fast, Quarter Horse name Ella.  Both horses arrived extremely barn sour and would not get more than 50 yards from their pens and dart back to the barn, there seems to be a pattern starting here.  This is where and how I learned patience, as Dad’s idea was to give these horses to his kids as projects to keep us busy.  I succeeded in getting these two horses to the point that you could do anything with them only to later relinquish them back to the owners to spoil them once again.

Belonging to a Riding Club was the best school that one could attend.  The riding Club President, Glen Francis owned Morgan horses that were extremely beautiful and well mannered.  Glen had 4 horses in the 1972 film “Justin Morgan had a Horse”.  This is where school started in learning discipline, patience and listening to the horse.  Of course as a kid, you don’t realize that this was a lesson or a skill, you just did it.
During the 70’s my Dad bartered for a Mare named “Belle Star”, she would be my first horse.  She was a 7 year old, green broke mare that ended up being a great Mom and companion. I kept her through High School and had to sell her before graduation.  We rode in many parades and Gymkhana’s in the 70’s.

It was not until 2017 that I would ride again.  A friend introduced me to the 4 horses on his Ranch.  Wait, 4 horses, 1 person, he needed more riders……Where do I sign up? 

Ceana is a beautiful AQHA mare, 15.1 h, 13 year old Palomino Quarter Horse that is often mistaken for a stud or gelding due to her full chest and muscle tone.  Ceana is originally from Kansas and was acquired at age 15 months.  She has a quite impressive and diverse background including Civil War reenactments, HBO & Discovery Channel Movies, Parades all over California, Trail, Vaulting & Therapeutic Riding. She is definitely the ALPHA in her current herd and has a soft heart for the newly acquired Mule, Ty Murray. 

Ty Murray, a 14h, 7 year old Bay Saddle Mule with gorgeous black leg stripping and black cross on his withers.  Ty is from the Reese Brothers Mule Ranch in Tennessee.  Reese Brothers supplies mules to the Grand Canyon, Hack Drivers and Tour Buggy Concessions in the French Quarter, LA and not to forget the Amish and Georgia hunt clubs too.  He was special ordered by a loving couple and delivered to Bishop Mule Days in Bishop, CA slated to be packed/ridden on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) with his buddy Emmett.  Ty came to us in a crisis situation as a result of the owner’s onset of dementia.  Ty is still young and learning a lot.  He is a solid Parade Mule and loves to meet and greet anyone.  He is silly, loves to play and is very protective of me around other horses and animals.