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Jeweled Rose with Second Hand Rose & Maya

I have been very privileged to grow up with the most amazing mules in my life. I started riding double with my mom at 18 months of age and started doing parades and showing when I was four. My parents bought Rosy for me in 2000 when I was in 7th grade (12 years old). Rosy had just turned five years old and had not had any training. When my mom and I looked at Rosy, she was knee deep in mud, with other horses, mules and cattle and she had grown out a long, muddy winter coat - still, I fell instantly in love with her. Inexperienced and young, Rosy needed a job and someone who knew and understood mule mentality to train her. I worked with Rosy on a daily basis. We started with the basics: ground work, longeing, and short arena rides. Rosy learned everything with ease and willingness. She aimed to please. Within just a few weeks we were hitting the trails. We also began showing in English and Western classes at all the local horse shows. In 2010 I wanted to take our adventures to the next level and incorporate parades and performances with Rosy into my riding. On average, Rosy and I participate in at least half a dozen parades and two performances every year.

Rosy has taken excellent care of me through every competition, parade, performance, ride and camping trip. We have ridden more than 3,000 miles together from the ocean to deserts and from rivers to mountains. Someday, Rosy and I look forward to participating in the Pasadena Rose Parade. Rosy awes family, friends and strangers everywhere we go with her presence and beauty. Rosy and I are an inseparable team. She is truly an ambassador for mules everywhere. She is proof mules can do it all!

Maya is my mom's spotted mule. She is also proof that mules can do it all! She came to California from Mississippi where she was simply a “kid’s” mule. Other than trail rides and camping trips, Maya really had not been exposed to the craziness found in Southern California parades, performances, and even our busy trails. Maya debuted as a performance mule at the Del Mar National Horse Show two years in a row in San Diego. She too, participates in at least half a dozen Southern California parades annually. She loves children, takes excellent care of her rider, never does anything wrong, and is "easy to spot"! She is truly a trustworthy, dedicated, bombproof mule!

jeweled rose and rosie

jeweled rose and maya