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Irish Rose with Harley & Ocho

irish rose & harley









irish rose and ocho

My family hailed from Ireland during the 1800’s and I have always been proud of my Irish heritage. I was born in San Diego, and have lived in the La Mesa-El Cajon area my entire life. As a little girl, I lived and breathed horses and dreamed of a time I could look out my window and see horses. My earliest riding began with my Dad after church on Sundays at Bradley’s Stable in El Cajon when I was only four years old. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I got my first horse, Samantha. She was very gentle and taught me the basics while carrying my pregnant self and two year old daughter on many adventures. Today, I have four horses on my property. My dream of being able to look out my window and see horses in my yard finally became a reality.

Harley passed away in 2014. She was my Cadillac gray Quarter Horse. She had been my parade horse for over 10 years including two Rose Parades. She was always quiet and was never bothered by anything. On her first trail ride in Noble Canyon in Pine Valley, she really impressed me because she never shied when the mountain bikes came flying by us. She just stopped, took it all in, and then quietly continued up the trail. It was no big deal. I loved her quiet gentle personality and her gentle eyes and face and I miss her every day.

Ocho is a Paint gelding born in 2004. He is 14.2 hands. He was originally owned by a founder of the Victorian Roses who passed away. She had started him under saddle but he was still a shy, frightened boy when I got him and he had little exposure to the outside world. Ocho has finally gained the confidence and trust to happily participate in parades and group presentations. He is sweet, expressive and truly a head-turner!