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Grace Rose with Fed Ex the Chex

My family has had horses all my life and I started riding with my brothers when I was two.  I have lived in Ramona since I was four and we raised, raced and showed Appaloosas.  Being the youngest of six kids, I was usually the first one on horses my Dad was breaking.  At age ten, I got my four year old pony "Little Bit of Luv" for Christmas, only she wasn't broke.  I worked with her the way I learned and was riding her within months.  With our 4-H group, we showed in western classes and rode in parades.  At age eleven, I started riding our four year old appy gelding "Warrior's Chocolate Chip" who just happen to be the grandson of the appy John Wayne rode in "El Dorado.  We went on to show all over California in both english & western.  Chip's best classes were trail & western riding.  I love new challenges, so I broke Little Bit to the cart along with trail riding.  We bred her so then I had two ponies and a horse.  Our ranch grew to about thirty horses for a while.  I went to school, rode, fed, etc. anything but housework. 
At age eighteen I moved out on my own with my three horses, cats and dog.  By then Chip had come down with ringbone, so the riding slowed way down.  I married my high school sweetheart, Danny, and was able to buy a quarter mare "Surenuff Blanton".  I broke her and showed for a few years, then sold her.  I had our son at age 27 and he grew up riding Little Bit.  I had Little Bit till she was thirty, and lost Chip at age 32.

I have had several other horses over the years, some bad and some good experiences.  I kept going until God brought "Fed Ex the Chex" into my life.  I was not impressed with the three year old, little horse, when we looked at him, but my trainer said "he's the one".  I have never regretted buying Chex in 2006, as he has grown into a handsome 15.3 horse.  We have shown western, english, trail and jumping.  We have been in a few parades and even learned gymkhana.  Chex loves to trail ride, whether in the mountains or at the beach.  He loves the water and enjoys swimming.  Another adventure was cowboy challenges.  We won many awards, including buckles in all events.  I was interviewed by the Ramona Paper in 2012 and they did a full page article on Chex.  Its great to have someone else think Chex is special besides me.  Anything I ask of him, he is willing to try and usually succeeds.  We are now enjoying parades and performing with the Victorian Roses.            

Grace Rose & Chex