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Our Vision Statement:

In order to inspire and share the history of the Victorian Era, specifically the romance of the 1880’s, the Victorian Roses Ladies Riding Society shall portray living history in the costumes and appearance of each member. Members shall pride themselves in reflecting the trueness of the Era by being historically accurate. Our goal is to look forward to the Rose Parade, but more importantly to be a strong sisterhood of Roses who better their community and the world around them by working for charity and by being a beacon of goodness and knowledge in every personal appearance.

If you are interested in joining the VRLRS, please familiarize yourself with our bylaws and then print
out some of the forms below to submit to the Presidents for consideration.

Welcome form


Membership application

Liability form

The Quiz

What sharing means to the VRLRS

What is a mentor? A SMC?

Starting a VRLRS chapter