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Coachman Rose with Bob (& Ricky the Cocker Spaniel)

I started out with driving horses after having watched Mule Days in Bishop for years. I thought driving would be good, as I am not a great rider, but like horses. A friend knew of a trainer that specialized in driving in Lakeside, so I took my Quarter Horse mare to her and ended up showing at the LA County Fair. That is where I realized I wanted a real driving horse, like a draft horse. I got my first draft horse in 1997 and ended up with a 6 up hitch by 2002. I showed for quite awhile - 6 horse hitch on down; really enjoyed it and continue to be involved. We got to be part of the 16 horse hitch that was done in the Santa Barbara Fiesta Parade in the early 2000's - that was quite a parade event.
I currently have four Belgian draft horses: Luke, Jay, Bob & Diesel and a small herd of donkeys. My dogs are also a large part of my carriage team and can usually be seen in parades and performances. Look for Ricky the Cocker Spaniel and Monty and Katie the Airedales.

coachman rose driving a carriage

coachman rose with Ricky the Cocker Spaniel