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Champagne Rose with Fore on the Floor

He was a grey, but was dirty yellow, no muscle tone, neglected and beat up by other geldings. His head was down and close to the ground. I could feel his depression. Slowly, I entered his stall and he looked at me with his soft brown eyes and I began to cry. He had no human and had been neglected so badly he really did not have much reason to continue on with his life. I too was depressed after breaking my hip. I too had lost the purpose of my life but was drawn to this horse. As I walked up slowly to pet him, I began reminiscing about my days with horses when I was younger. What was happening? I was falling in love with a horse? Somehow he picked me and I needed him. It was a perfect match! I suddenly realized my purpose in life was to rescue a full-bred Polish Arabian named Fore on the Floor.

What I didn’t know at the time was that he had been a show horse and was accomplished in western pleasure, dressage and hunter pony. Fore was scared of everything! I decided to start trying to reduce his fears and build a trusting relationship between us. One rainy day, I found a small puddle and pitter-pattered in the water with my rubber boots. Slowly, I encouraged him to step in the puddle with me, but he snorted and balked. After a very long time, he pushed his fear aside and stepped in the puddle. What a feeling of accomplishment for both of us! From that day on we were successful in confronting our fears together.

Today, he trusts me and I trust him. Since our first meeting, Fore has brought joy and happiness to my life! We’ve done 25 mile endurance rides and he always gives me the ride of my life each time! His elegance, athleticism and sweet demeanor overwhelm me every day and I feel honored to take care of him. He is now 25 years old and we love trail riding, camping, poker rides, trail challenges/trials and now parades and performances with the Victorian Roses. It’s not easy caring for a rescue horse because there’s so much the horse has experienced during the time of neglect or abuse. Yet, when the horse has been brought back from neglect to a great and healthy life, the rewards are indescribable. They are a “Gift from God”. Since that day in November of 2008, Fore and I have been soul mates and we have our own story to share!

champagne rose and Fore