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Bell Rose with Diesel

My name is Lindsey Michaelis (Bell Rose) and I am 20 years old. When Sioux (Coachman Rose) asked if I wanted to be part of the Victorian Roses I immediately said “of course!”. I would love to be a Victorian Rose because I love the way the they look and how they teach about the Victorian era. 

My rose name is Bell Rose because I love the princess Bell and the first dress I’ve worn is yellow. Jeffery is one one of the horses I ride, he is a Halflinger Pony, and is a little on the chunky side. He has a very spunky personality and is a great little pony to ride. The other horse I am going to ride is Diesel. He is a Belgian Draft horse and has a very laid-back personality. 

When I was younger I showed for Sioux for a little while. I drove and rode her horses in shows. I left for a little while then I came back in February of 2016. Right now, I am driving/riding Jeffery, Diesel, and Bob, one of her other draft horses, in shows. I also ride Willie one of Sioux’s donkeys.

Bell Rose